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  artiste album label année titre
1 vandal x [b] instant dislike 2007 the game
2 future of the left [uk] how to stop your brain in an accident prescriptions 2013 how to spot a record company
3 protomartyr [us] the agent intellect hardly art 2015 the devil in his youth
4 red fang [us] whales and leeches relapse records 2013 behind the light
5 ex, the [nl] catch my shoe vicious circle 2010 maybe i was the pilot
6 pixies [us] doolittle 4ad 1989 debaser
7 portron portron lopez [f] moi aussi j´ai des amis qui font du bruit poil records 2015 everybody´s got a number in the neck
8 he died while hunting [b] with reckless abandon dear.deer.records 2015 modern age heroes
9 four tet [uk] rounds domino records 2003 as serious as your life
10 johanson, jay-jay whiskey 1996 so tell the girls that i am back in town
11 minor forest, a [us] flemish altruism (constituent parts 1993-1996) thrill jockey 1996 so jesus was at the last supper...
12 konono n°1 [rdc] congotronics crammed discs 2005 lufuala ndonga
13 tyler, the creator [us] wolf odd future 2013 partyisntover/campfire/bimmer ft. laetitia sadier and frank ocean
14 allah-las [us] allah-las innovative leisure 2012 sacred sands
15 vile, kurt [us] wakin on a pretty daze matador 2013 pure pain
16 deus [b] in a bar, under the sea island 1996 little arithmetics
17 sigur ros () 2002 untitled
18 notwist, the [d] close to the glass sub pop 2014 run run run
19 stott, andy [uk] faith in strangers modern love 2014 science and industry
20 richter, max [d] memoryhouse late junction 2003 europe, after the rain

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